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kelly-200Hey there!

I’m Kelly McCausey, proud host of Exposure & Profit, the Content Marketing Conference & Mastermind.

If I could bottle up the in person experience of EP3 and ship it to you in a bottle, I would!  There’s nothing quite like getting together with other content marketers, learning, masterminding and finding ways to partner.

The next best thing I can come up with is to let you purchase access to all of my session recordings and that I’m more than happy to do 🙂

Opening & Closing Keynotes

headshot“Creative Marketing Strategies That Get Customers To Buy From You” with Greg Cesar

Learn some of the strategies I’ve used to get over 100,000 customers online with no affiliates. If you are tired of hearing the same old thing, then you don’t want to miss what I am going to teach you. I am know for my out of the box strategies that your competitors don’t even realize exist.

I will show you sizzling traffic, conversion, and sales strategies that will knock your sock off and lead your customers to becoming evangelists that buy over and over from you.


“Viewpoints: Master The Possibilities” with Ann Boyum

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover, clarify and connect your own viewpoints with others so that you’re creating connections and insights that are meaningful and relevant in your life and your business.

Greg & Ann are both at the top of their industry, inspiring and engaging – I’m so glad you get to hear what they share with my live attendees!

Delicious Deep Dive Teachings
From My Chosen Experts!

alice-seba-200“The Art of Persuasion and Using Content to Get More Leads and Sales” with Alice Seba

Content provides a unique and easy opportunity for business owners to attract their loyal target customer, just by providing some free information.

The problem is, most business owners do it wrong. They create the content and they build the relationships, but they fail to turn those relationships into customers. Alice is going to show you some powerful persuasion techniques to grow your BUYING audience through content, all without sounding like a used car salesman.

nicole-dean-200“Your Competition Will Happily Promote You” with Nicole Dean

When you have an amazing message to share with the world and a great monetization plan, the next step is to tell the world about it! There are a few ways to do just that. You can grow your audience yourself one person or a time, or you can steal the audiences of others – with their enthusiastic permission. Me? I love taking shortcuts whenever possible so I have mastered the art of getting my competition to hand me their audience – and thank me for it afterwards.Want to know how?

That’s the topic of my presentation at Exposure and Profit. How to create a win-win-win situation where your competition is thrilled to share you with their people, their audience is ecstatic that they learned about you, and you profit greater than you imagined.

crystal-collins-200“How to Create Videos on Your Mobile That Will Become the High Point of Your Marketing” with Crystal Collins

We are at a place in online history when video can no longer be ignored. But many companies and entrepreneurs are still hesitating to implement video into their marketing efforts. Why? It’s quite simply a lack of knowledge, and the resulting fear and hesitations that come with it.

During this session you will learn how to film professional looking video with your mobile, the styles and types of videos that are most effective, and how to utilize online media to broadcast your message effectively.  Not only will you gain the knowledge that you need to make video the high point of your marketing efforts, but you’ll also walk away with a plan in place to face those fears and raise your media to new heights!

paul-taubman-200“Attract & Keep Great Client Relationships” with Paul Taubman

What you call them is semantics (at this point). They may be your Clients, Customers, Partners, Associates, Members, Tribe, and the list goes on. The reality of it all is that the lifeline of any business is paying customers. Without revenue coming in, you will not have a business for long.

In Paul’s discussion, he will talk about the methods he has utilized to gain an ever growing list of clients AND kept them for years. These methods have allowed him to quit his 27 year long career in the Insurance Industry and work for himself.  He will also talk about his not-so-successful clients and why they left him. When things work, it is easy; experiencing ‘mistakes’ is when the real learning can take place. Come ready to learn, have fun, laugh, and participate in the conversation.


lee-collins-200“The Money is NOT in the List, It’s in the Backend” with Lee Collins

You’ve probably heard “the money is in the list”. The self-proclaimed “gurus” chant this over and over… and for years we have believed them like it’s just a universal and indisputable truth. So we all obediently worked day and night trying to build our list. We set up name capture pages online.  We run small classified ads to get people to give us their information. We even do joint ventures to leech customers from each other – to “build our list”.  The problem is… the guru’s ALL have it wrong. At best, it’s just half the story. The money is NOT in the list. It’s in the Back-End.

If you’re going to spend the remainder of your business life focused on making only one sale per customer, you’re going to be continually working and trying to overcome the hardest thing in business – making that first sale.  And you will likely fail much more than you succeed. (Sound familiar?)

In fact, studies have shown that it’s an estimated 8-11 times more difficult to make the first sale than it is to make subsequent sales to the same customer! If you have failed to work out in advance what you will sell them next – you are literally leaving money on the table. So how can you do this effectively? What does it take to create an effective ULTIMATE Back-end SYSTEM…? That’s what we are going to talk about at Exposure & Profit.

wendyy-bailey-200“Selling: Connect and Create Transformation” with Wendyy Bailey

Marketing gets you known and sales gets you paid, and as an entrepreneur, selling is a necessary skill to support your immediate and long term success. You don’t have to resort to traditional selling strategies where you’re taught to be pushy or salesy. Instead, you must focus on connecting with your most ideal clients and cultivating positive relationships based on trust. In this engaging presentation, Master Business Coach and Income Acceleration Mentor, Wendy Y. Bailey shares a new approach to selling so you can discover:

  • Why relationships are the new currency of the 21st century and what that means for your long-term success;
  • The meaning of transformational selling and why it’s different than transactional selling; and,
  • How to connect with your most ideal clients and invite them to work with you, easily and effortlessly.

Transformational selling is the key to converting more clients and creating more cash in your business. It’s up to you to start the conversation and encourage your clients to continue the dialogue in order to experience the benefits of working with you. It’s an effective, strategic and positive way to connect and create transformation in your selling.

ron-douglas-200“5 Secret Content Hacks That Will Get You Get Super Cheap Traffic from Facebook” with Ron Douglas

During this session you will learn some little-known tactics for getting free and cheap traffic from Facebook using viral content, even if you don’t write it yourself.

arthur-ball-200“What We Can Learn From How An Artist Self Promotes” with Arthur Ball

Arthur Ball, The Above Average Artist is a published illustrator, graphic designer and sculptor. He holds an A.S. Degree from The International Academy of Design & Technology and a B.F.A. In sculpture from the Savanna College of Art & Design. He only attends schools with long winded titles. He is currently a self employed contract artist and promotes his own work that he dubs Above Average Art.

If I weren’t hosting this event, I’d be there. If I couldn’t be there, I’d buy these recordings. They look great if I do say so myself!

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I’ve arranged for a smart gal to take copious written notes throughout the event.  I love having notes highlighting the points, resources & best tips of each session and I know they will be so useful to you!

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