Exposure & Profit 2014 was a great time! Attendees, Speakers & Advisors, we all loved getting to spend time with people who do what we do. I wish I could bottle up the experience and share it with everyone! I can’t do that – but I can share the teachings and panel discussions :)

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Justin Popovic: Put Yourself Into Your Content

Justin teaches you:

  • That everything is content
  • The innate human love for stories
  • How to engage passerby and convert them into life long clients
  • Why you shouldn’t care what others think
  • Strategies and examples from his journey
  • The dark side of content marketing
  • That something published is better than nothing.


Nicole Dean: Making the Web & The World A Better Place.

Nicole teaches you:

  • How to make the web and world a better place
  • The “Solution, Buttons and Eyeballs” technique
  • The “What Would Awesome [insert Your Name] Do?” mindset
  • How to use action and to-do lists more effectively
  • To mix new trends with classics to add your own spin on things
  • That helping others is important, but you must always put yourself first
  • The importance of friends and a community
  • Why and how you can work with your direct competition
  • You only have one life, so be Awesome!


Derral Eves:  Telling Powerful Stories With Video & Video Marketing Funnels That Work

Derral teaches you:

  • How his grandfather inspired him to create a positive impact on the world
  • How everything he does in life is for his family: his wife, parents, children and siblings
  • How his “divine intervention” introduced him to video marketing
  • How YouTube has evolved Music, News and Politics
  • The immense amount of traffic YouTube generates daily, monthly and how much it increases yearly
  • How the world is in love with videos (including Google)
  • How in some type of strategy, “video is now mandatory”
  • How average people can harness the power of YouTube
  • How to setup your own “Vitual Snowball”
  • Using videos to share a “creation story” that gives meaning and pulls you in to click the button
  • Viral bait, viral bait, viral bait
  • Target audiencep vs. target avatar
  • The mentality behind sharing and watching videos
  • Temple, seasonal and trending marketing
  • The full-proof formula to video marketing that’s worked for years
  • Simple sells and confusing is too complex
  • The formula to building a community
  • What “Primal Branding” is and how it is integral to your brand marketing
  • The Future of “Social Search Integration”
  • How aha moments and golden nuggets change businesses and lives.


Alice Seba:  Email Is The Glue In Your Marketing

Alice teaches you:

  • That your email list is your most important asset
  • How to “email mindset” sets emailing marketing apart from social media and blogging
  • How to make your customers love you and your emails
  • That you should treat yourself as MVP
  • That there are no rules, but you can’t be lazy
  • That the best email marketing is planned
  • Where lots of people fail when it comes to emailing your subscribers
  • The importance of persuasion when emailing people
  • That you don’t need to keep all your subscribers happy
  • How to write to make your subscribers feel special
  • The difference between overuse and a smart sales tactic
  • That you should treat your customers like VIP
  • To find and carve out your own audience
  • To stretch yourself and try new things
  • The different components of email
  • The importance of experimentation and split-testing in email marketing
  • That you must train your list to interact with every message
  • The awesomeness of social proof
  • That you get to decide who your audience is


Connie Ragen Green: Self Publishing For Establishing Authority

Connie teaches you:

  • Self publishing for credibility, visibily and massive profitability
  • What slight edges she has when self publishing
  • Her battle with cancer while in the work force
  • How she’s devoted to helping under-priviledged children, special needs children, orphans and many others
  • Her definition of self publishing
  • That self pulishing is an extra effort, an extra income stream and a lead generator
  • A trick that will set you apart from 93-94% of all other authors
  • Her vision and why it’s neccessary to have your own
  • How to build credebility in your niche and some action steps to get the snowball going
  • About speaking in public and that it only gets better
  • The importance of webinars, teleseminars and podcasts
  • That you must make sure you’re visible virtually and in real life
  • The importance of events, charities, forums and press releases
  • The importtance of Amazon Author pages
  • The importance of social media
  • How great it is to add the titles “Author” and “Public Speaker” to your name
  • About her retreats and programs


Dan Morris & Rachel Martin:  Create The Content Your Community Craves

Dan  and Rachel teach you:

  • To enjoy the small moments in life, and to get back in touch with yourself
  • How to gain “Guardian Leadership” and become the truted advisor in your niche
  • To produce content your readers and clients want to share
  • How bad reviews aren’t really bad, but great -
  • That life is full of speed bumps and road blocks, but you need to learn how to “roll the punches”
  • Finding your business’s “Sweet Spot”
  • How to understand your audience with an “Empathy Map”
  • “Tunnel vision” as an alternate marketing technique
  • How to proce products to filter window-shoppers and serious customers
  • How to survey your customers and how to put the data to action
  • How to learn what your customers “holes” are and how you can fill them
  • How and why you should learn from other niches
  • To believe in yourself and be the “biggest dog you can be”.


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Exposure & Profit is hosted by Kelly McCausey of Solo Smarts!


 *Photo by Patsy Copus!