The “It’s All About You” Workshop

“I can talk about other people and products all day long but when it comes to my own I freeze up!”  Does this sound familiar?

You’re Invited To A One & A Half Day
Workshop & Mastermind Event in East Lansing, Michigan!

Dear Entrepreneur,

I’m Kelly McCausey of Love People + Make Money and I LOVE Content Marketing.  Content ranges from the little items you share on social media to the stuff you publish on your website all the way to books, information products, memberships & speaking gigs!  Whatever business you run, I know Content Marketing can get you more of what you want.

For a lot of us, making content is easy – asking people to take some kind of action is the hard part!

How easily do you flow in communicating who you are, what you do and what you want your potential customers to do about it?  Feeling a little tongue tied? I understand!

Come spend an intimate day and half with me and a small group of like minded business owners. We’ll work through issues holding us back. Together we’ll follow a carefully designed path to boost your overall value awareness and actually create the important content elements we struggle with on a day to day basis.

People need what you have to offer and we don’t have time to waste!  

My goal with this Workshop is to take you through steps that demonstrate your value and ready you to share your business with boldness!

This Will Be A Small Group With A Big Mission
Only 12 Attendees Will Be Accepted!

Our Location: Hampton Inn, East Lansing, MI
Workshop Space for 12 Attendees

Monday, November 6th: Half Day

4:30pm – Registration

5:00pm – Introductions

6:00pm – Dinner Provided

7:00pm – What If It Were Easy? 

The popular idea is that an Entrepreneur works hard, long hours, putting in lots of sweat while sacrificing pleasure in order to build something up.  Hustle is awesome but working hard just to be able to say you did is robbing a lot of people of the joy that can come in building a business that suits you well.  We’re going to look at how we’re making things difficult and question the busy work that soaks up a lot of our energy.

9:00pm – Release

Tuesday, November 7th: Full Day

9:00am – Owning Your Worth

It’s easy to fall for the idea your expertise is common – that ‘everybody knows’ what you know.  If you believe this you’ll hold back from offering your knowledge and skill to others.  Truth is your skills are not as common as you think.  We’ll spend time identifying those things that come easy to you and create delay and struggle for others.  This is key to valuing your time and charging what you’re worth.

10:45am – Maximizing What You Say About Yourself

About Pages, About the Author Biographies in Small Reports & eBooks, Social Profiles, Biographies used for Guest Appearances… we have dozens of opportunities to say what we want about ourselves and often say too little or get bashful.  We’ll dig into what you want to say about yourself and create strong biographical text in various lengths for use across your content platforms.

12:30pm – Lunch On Your Own

There are good options in easy 2-5 minute walking distance:  Applebees, Maru Sushi, Ing-credible (Chinese), Sir Pizza, Burger King. There are even more a short drive away: Las Senoritas, PF Chang, Smokey Bones, Spartan Hall of Fame Cafe, etc.  No need to rush, with a 2 hour lunch we can relax and enjoy each other’s company.

2:30pm – Calling Your Market To Action

How easily do you ask for the sale?  If you’re like most of us, you find it tough. Sure, it seems like some are ‘born salesmen’ and some just can’t sell to save their lives – but the truth is we CAN learn to be comfortable with selling!  We’ll craft powerful invitations that you can use in text, audio, video and in person.

4:00pm – Stretching Yourself 

If you can look back over the years and see nothing but missed opportunities and those ‘shoulda, coulda, woulda’ thoughts drone through your mind, you’re going to love the clarity and enthusiasm you take away from this Workshop.

When you know your worth, can state what you do with confidence and make a compelling call to action, you simply don’t hold back anymore!

We’ll identify and set a firm date for one Content Marketing activity to stretch your reach and move your business forward.

6:00pm – We Are Complete!

We’re packing a lot into a day and a half!

There’s huge value in this Workshop and even more in everything you’ll do after you leave!

What You’ll Walk Away With:

BONUS: Post-Event Group Coaching!

We’ll have two follow up Group Coaching Sessions using my friendly Zoom Room so you won’t have an opportunity to get stuck and fail to implement what you’ve plotted out in our Live Workshop. I’ll also set up a Private FB Group so we can keep in tough and cheer each other onto great things after we get back home.

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Access To The Workshop
Spiral Bound Workshop Planner
The “What if it were Easy?” Coffee Mug
Yummy Dinner on Monday Night
Bonus Post-Event Group Coaching with Kelly!

Workshop Price $197.00

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are tickets refundable?
A: No, but they are transferable to a single One on One Coaching Call if something unavoidable comes up.

Q: Can I get a room at the Hotel?
A: Absolutely.  I’m not holding a room block but if you book quickly you’ll have no problem.

Q: What’s for Dinner on Monday?
A: I haven’t decided yet. We’ll have something delicious delivered.  I will take special needs into consideration for sure.

Q: Do we actually work during the Workshop?
A:  Yep! We dig in and write stuff that can be used right away.

Q: Will you offer this Workshop Virtually one day soon?
A: I don’t have any plans to at this time.

Q: I’m flying, how do I get to East Lansing?
A: You can fly into the Lansing Airport making a connection through Detroit or Chicago, though I personally prefer to fly into Detroit and take the Michigan Flyer Shuttle from there to East Lansing. It’s only $50 two ways and super comfy.  I find less fuss and bother than making a flight connection as there’s a Shuttle every hour headed this way.  From the Shuttle drop off it’s a quick Uber to the Hampton Inn.