October 11-13th, 2019 | Atlanta, GA

You're Invited To This 6th Annual Live Content Marketing Conference

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How Close Are You To Making Your Online Business Dreams Come True?  

Whether you're new or taking a dream to the next level, you will get farther faster when you get out from behind the computer screen to make real life connections.

Exposure & Profit attracts adventurous dream chasers just like you - building businesses they love for communities they care about.

Join us!!


Exposure & Profit is a Content Marketing Conference in Atlanta, Georgia hosted by Kelly McCausey of Love People + Make Money. October 2019 will be the sixth EP event and promises to be the best ever!

Signs You'll Love Attending Exposure & Profit:

You serve others through delivering information, expertise, products or services. 

You want to build or grow a long term stable income leveraging the internet. 

You long to surround yourself with a community of loyal customers and partners.

You desire proximity to smart marketers who are making it happen themselves.

You're in Introvert craving a laid back event schedule that gives you time to recharge.

You're an Extrovert who loves long breaks to engage and meet people.

You need to 'find your people' & see your amazing potential mirrored back to you.


9:30am Registration & Coffee

10:00am Opening Announcements

Marie Fratoni: Let’s Get This Party Started: Connecting with Joy, Fun, and Ease!

10:30am Bob & Therese Sparkins: Mindset Secrets For Magnetic Marketing

12:00pm Nicole Dean: Make Your Affiliate Program So Sexy the Super Affiliates Say "Yes Please!!!"

12:30pm Lunch Break

2:30pm Tracy Roberts & Susanne Myers: How We Build A Thriving Business & Stayed Best Of Friends In The Process

3:45pm Doreen Dilger: Go-Getters Guide To Planting A Local Business Tribe

4:15pm Cindy Bidar: Turn Content into Cash with an Easy Automated Funnel

5:00pm Topic Tables

6:15pm Wrap Up 



9:30am Coffee

10:00am Greetings & Shares

10:15am Melissa Peet: Embodied Questions, Conversations & Content That Make An Impact

11:30am Lynette Chandler: Shopping Cart Profit Boosters

12:00pm Clarence & Kirsten Womack: Building a Brand As Husband & Wife 

12:30pm Lunch Break

2:30pm Alice Seba: Live Your Dream Lifestyle as the CEO of your Business

3:45pm Lou Bortone: Deadbeats, Dingbats and Duds, Oh My! Dealing with Difficult Clients and Sticky Situations

4:15pm Meg Brunson: Beyond the Boost: Advanced Facebook Ad Strategies

5:00pm Topic Tables

6:15pm Wrap Up 

8:30pm Octoberfest Party! 



9:30am Coffee

10:00am Greetings & Shares

10:15am Rachel Marie Martin & Dan Morris: Get Back On The Horse & Choose Joy Again

11:30am Erica Grant

12:00pm Val Selby: How Community Helped Me Embrace A Bold Life

12:30pm Lunch Break

2:30pm Session TBA

3:30pm Kelly McCausey

5:00pm Celebrations 



Therese Sparkins

As my coach, Therese invited me to see possibilities and take steps towards creating more of what I want in the world. As my friend, she loved me like crazy and called me out on my crap whenever needed - which is still quite often if I'm being honest ;) 

Therese is rocking the world as an Executive Life Coach and amazeballs Retreat Facilitator via RadicalLeadership.com

Co-Speaking Topic: Mindset Secrets For Magnetic Marketing

Bob Sparkins

Bob is one of the first internet marketers I got to learn from at a live event. During one of his sessions I had a mind blowing moment - you know how some people will say they picked up a 'golden nugget' from a speaker? I brough home a gold excavator! 

Bob is rocking it at LeadPages.com.

Co-Speaking Topic: Mindset Secrets For Magnetic Marketing

 Marie Fratoni

Marie is the best at inviting us into a more connected experience, whether it's a business event or a trip to Italy. 

Speaking Topic: Let’s Get This Party Started: Connecting with Joy, Fun, and Ease!

Networking and meeting new colleagues is an integral part of events because it fuels connections between potential clients, affiliates, and future friends. There is so much to learn from meeting new people. These new connections could become powerful collaborations, potential JV Partners, and can support our success in future events. Let’s join in for this unique and fun exercise, designed to break the ice, and meet, greet, and connect with ease. Your smiles will light up the room!

Lou Bortone

Lou Bortone is known as The Video Godfather. We’re not exactly sure why and, frankly, we’re a little afraid to ask. What we do know is that Lou Bortone has been a pioneer and thought leader in the video space since the launch of YouTube in 2005. He’s helped thousands of entrepreneurs and companies create and leverage online video to build their brands and dramatically grow their revenues.

Speaking Topic: Deadbeats, Dingbats and Duds, Oh My! Dealing with Difficult Clients and Sticky Situations

Nicole Dean

I call Nicole my Beachie Bestie ❤ She's my partner in Beachpreneurs and one of my oldest friends. As one half of CoachGlue.com she is equipping more than 20,000 coaches with great content and one of these days I'm going to get her to teach an advanced course on affiliate managment - cuz she rocks at it! 

Speaking Topic: Make Your Affiliate Program So Sexy the Super Affiliates Say "Yes Please!!!"

Val Selby

Val is me my Community Projects Manager. I can't imagine all I've been able to create over the last year without her support. She takes a fierce stand for women to live a bold life. 

Speaking Topic: How Community Helped Me Embrace A Bold Life

Meg Brunson

Meg is a former Facebook employee who now consults and teaches entrepreneurs about leveraging the best FB has to offer.. I heard scuttlebutt that she is a dang good speaker and I admire what she's been doing as a podcaster at Familypreneurs.com. 

Speaking Topic: Beyond the Boost: Advanced Facebook Ad Strategies 

Facebook Ads are affordable and efficient - if you know how to use them. In this session, Meg will take you beyond boosting to leverage advanced tools and strategies for marketing on both the Facebook and Instagram platforms.

Alice Seba

Alice is my very first business partner and the reason I started an internet radio show back in 2003. What might my life have been like if she hadn't encouraged me to run my mouth and start Mom Masterminds with her back in the day? 

Speaking Topic: Live Your Dream Lifestyle as the CEO of your Business 

Clarence Womack

Mack is a proud US Army Veteran who played football and would have loved to make it a career. When that didn't happen, Mack found his next passion as a personal fitness trainer and today motivates a growing MoveWithMack.com community to be in the best health and fitness possible. Today on top of local classes, Mack offers online training opportunities that reach around the world. 

Co-Speaking Topic: Building a Brand As Husband & Wife 

Kirsten Womack

Kirsten describes herself as 'the hustle behind the muscle' at MoveWithMack.com. I love how she has pushed back at limits that health issues may have imposed on her. Having pursued training as a Master Certified Health Coach, Kristen partners with her husband in creating a thriving online brand. 

Co-Speaking Topic: Building a Brand As Husband & Wife 

Dan Morris

Dan loves to bring people together and find ways to meet needs. This has made him a great guy to know in more ways than one. As co-creator of BloggingConcentrated.com he has traveled the world to educate and encourage bloggers and hosts one of the biggest bundle sales on the internet every year, BCStack.com.

Co-Speaking Topic: Get Back On The Horse & Choose Joy Again

Rachel Martin

Rachel is the prolific mom blogger behind FindingJoy.net and author of The Brave Art Of Motherhood. Busting through insta-perfection expectations, Rachel creates a safe place for moms to be real. Rachel is also the other half of all the awesome happening through BloggingConcentrated.com

Co-Speaking Topic: Get Back On The Horse & Choose Joy Again

Has life bucked you off the proverbial horse? It happens to the best of us! Have you caught yourself saying: "When I have more time, when life settles down, when I have more money - then I'll begin again." That only postpones our success! Let's talk about how to get back on track and not let these excuses run the show.

Susanne Myers

Susanne has created a tremendous amount of content online in a variety of niches. I admire her knack for finding a profitable angle to connect with an audience. As co-creator of PiggyMakesBank.com Susanne is equipping thousands of publishers with great rebrandable content and training. 

Speaking Topic: How We Build A Thriving Business & Stayed Best Of Friends In The Process

Tracy Roberts

Tracy often greets me in the morning (over Skype) to ask 'How can I bless you today?' She's a bright light in a crazy world and a precious friend to me. The other half of PiggyMakesBank.com, Tracy is a skilled JV organizer.

Speaking Topic: How We Build A Thriving Business & Stayed Best Of Friends In The Process

Erica Grant

Erica has been leading a community of moms for years. With a new focus in 2019 she is excited to invite them to join her in embracing a goal-getting life over at MomsOnTheGrow.com.

Doreen Dilger

Doreen is rocking a local business community by inviting women to come together to network regularly. I love that she's been able to create a space women want to be in and look forward to learning from her on how she's been able to make it all happen. 

Speaking Topic: Go-Getters Guide To Planting A Local Business Tribe

Cindy Bidar

Cindy Bidar came into my world as a blogging intern more than 10 years ago. I got to watch her grow from a freelance writer to copywriter to virtual assistant to online business manager and most recently, am thrilled to have seen her leave client based work behind to create a business around her expertise. For anyone dreaming of no longer trading hours for dollars, you're going to be glad you got to learn from Cindy. 

Speaking Topic: Turn Content into Cash with an Easy Automated Funnel

In this workshop-style talk you will:  

  • Design a profitable email funnel that leads new subscribers to your best products and resources. 
  • Create a compelling freebie to build your list, using content you already have. 
  • Fill your email funnel with useful (and profitable) resources your subscribers will love.

Lynette Chandler

Lynette Chandler was the technical brain that supported all of my early business moves. There's nothing quite like having someone to rely on - someone to call when you blow things up for the umpteenth time. (Can you relate?) Over the years Lynette fired all of her clients (including me!) and has built amazing businesses for herself.

Speaking Topic: Shopping Cart Profit Boosters

Lynette will show you simple ways to make more sales, increase the average order per customer, and encourage repeat sales by tweaking your shopping cart checkout and customer access area. Useful for any shopping cart but specialized for aMember users!

Dr. Melissa Peet

Dr. Melissa Peet is the founder of The Generative Knowledge Institute. She creates tools and methods that help people and organizations discover the vast reservoir of purpose, strength and intelligence they already possess, but exists outside of their conscious awareness. 

Speaking Topic: Embodied Questions, Conversations & Content That Make An Impact

Frequently Asked Questions

When & Where Is The Event?

October 11, 12 & 13th, 2019 at the Atlanta Airport Marriot in Atlanta, Georgia

What Is The Event Venue Like?

The Atlanta Airport Marriot is a NICE place! We've got a beautiful room to meet in where you'll be seated at tables with space for your laptop. 

It's super close to the airport with a free shuttle running all day long. There are several dining options right at the hotel so you don't have to worry about buzzing around the city if you don't care for it.

What Is Appropriate Dress For The Event?

Be casual and comfortable. Jeans and t-shirts are absolutely okeydokey. I suggest you bring a sweater or wrap - conference spaces can get chilly!

Is Exposure & Profit Right For Me?

If you are publishing content on the web in hopes of attracting the perfect target market, I'm going to say YES IT IS! EP is all about content marketing and community building. Business owners from all different niches will get a ton out of our topics.

Can I Volunteer To Speak At Exposure & Profit?

Submit a proposal for a topic you love to speak on.

Oops, I Bought A Ticket And Can't Come, Can I Get A Refund?

Tickets are not refundable, however, you can roll it over to next year's EP event OR transfer it to a friend. Just visit our support desk in your Love People + Make Money account to give us their information. 

Kelly, You Seem Super Cool - Do You Coach?

Why thank you and YES! I love Coaching entreprenuers who are on fire to make things happen. You can learn more about my private coaching right here.

You Have Another Event, At The Beach, Right?

Oooh, you're thinking about Beachpreneurs, the female only event brand I run with the most awesome Nicole Dean :) We have Beach House Mastermind Retreats, Beach Condo Co-Working Vacations & Beach Camp Workshops.

Do You Know Kelly?

Hey :) If we haven't met yet, let me tell you a little about me. 

I started building my business online back in 2002. I was a broke single mom, in debt up to my eyeballs, freaking out about the bills I couldn't pay. 

Going online looking to make a little extra ended up changing my life. Just a few years later I paid off all my debt and quit my day job - much to the shock of friends and family. 

My greatest discovery back then was the power of creating useful content that meets the needs of a community. I wrote articles, started a podcast, opened up a mailing list and started responding to every need I could find in my target market. 

Creative solutions and inspiring stories drew people to me faster than I dreamed possible. Before long I was running a membership site, selling information products and coaching. 

Since then I've seen it over and over in my business and those of my clients. Creative content both attracts and serves our perfect target market. When we're smart and purposeful in all of the content we create, community grows around us and so does profit!

This is the heart and purpose behind Exposure & Profit. I bring in Speakers who will equip and inspire you to create content you're proud of for a community you love!