Atlanta, GA | August 10, 11 & 12th - 2018


2018 Event Location: Atlanta Airport Marriot

Tickets Only $297.00 

14 Amazing Marketing Experts In One Place!


Exposure & Profit is a Content Marketing Conference hosted by Kelly McCausey of Love People + Make Money. August 2018 is the fifth EP event and promises to be the best ever!

Signs You'll Love Attending Exposure & Profit:

  • You serve others through delivering information, expertise, products or services. 
  • You want to build or grow a long term stable income leveraging the internet. 
  • You long to surround yourself with a community of loyal customers and partners.
  • You desire proximity to smart marketers who are making it happen themselves.
  • You're in Introvert craving a laid back event schedule that gives you time to recharge.
  • You're an Extrovert who loves long breaks to engage and meet people.
  • You need to 'find your people' & see your amazing potential mirrored back to you.


"I pick every Speaker for their originality, success in their niche and what I've come to see as a high value commitment to put relationships first." - Kelly

Belanie Dishong

CEO of Live At Choice, TV Show Host, International Best Selling Author, and International Speaker. Belanie is an expert in personal and professional development.  

For more than two decades, Belanie has led thousands of people to break free of the limitations that keep ideas, desires and dreams from becoming reality.  

Belanie and her team of coaches help others achieve extraordinary results. Creating huge success in business, relationships and overcoming financial hurtles. Her programs produce an exceptional level of self empowerment. When people become empowered at their core, limitations vanish, dreams are realized and possibilities are limitless.

My Topic: Where Do I Go From Here? What’s Gonna Be Different This Time?

Belanie knows what it feels like to be all fired up, empowered and ready to implement new ideas, only to find yourself distracted by all the things waiting for you…that stuff that’s been on your desk tapping it’s feet just waiting for you to get back to work and get them completed. So what will be different this time? Belanie will share with you her secret formula for “create it and just do what’s next.” Her famous quote is, “Behind every success is a mindset for success and behind all failures is a mindset for failure.” You will be blown away at how easy it is to just align your mindset for success, and get ahead of the chatter that interrupts you plan! It’s Gonna Be Different This Time…for sure!  

Carol Little

Carol Little is a Public Speaker and Certified Master Trainer. She draws on her 15+ years of experience working with corporate clients as well as top executives and individuals to deliver practical and accessible tools for improving her audience’s public speaking skills. 

She excels at helping her clients move beyond the roadblocks that prevent them from achieving their full potential. Her passionate, fun and engaging style keep her clients coming back for more.

My Topic: Unleash Your Inner Speaker!

“All great speakers were bad speakers first.” This quote confirms the fact that great speakers are not born they are cultivated. I believe there is a great speaker hidden inside of everyone. To the untrained eye, a diamond is just a rock, only a geologist can see the diamond buried inside. I am the geologist that can uncover the speaker hidden inside of you!  

 • Learn why presentations matter even if you think you never need to give them. • Discover the Top 3 Fundamentals of Powerful Presentations • Reality Check – Why YOU are the most valuable asset you have.

Nicole Dean

Author, Business Consultant / Mentor, and All Around Awesome Human, Nicole Dean (that's me!) educates and empowers entrepreneurs to create kick ass businesses so they can live life with no regrets. And maybe we can even make the world a better place in the process  

In the business world, I’ve sold millions of dollars online and off. (Both for myself and my clients.)  

I love working with people who are fun, love to laugh, and love to earn a lot of money while making the web and the world a better place. But what I love even more than that? Adventure. Fresh air. My family.  

Life is so magical and short and full of beauty and wonder. Why on earth wouldn't you create a business that allows you to live it to the fullest? That is my wish for you.

My Topic: Community Building with Affiliates

Building connection with your affiliates and through your affiliates is one of my favorite things to do. And, hosting an affiliate contest is one of the most FUN and EFFECTIVE ways to do both. In this short, behind-the-scenes talk, you'll learn what an affiliate contest is, how I have my best months with them, why I happily have given away between $5k and $16k in prizes each time, and some of the decisions I make (and why) during the process.

Paul Taubman

Paul is an international Speaker, Presenter, and Trainer focusing on website strategy and marketing online. Working full time as an online business owner, Paul speaks internationally and teaches businesses and individuals how to make more money with their websites. Paul is the Chief Online Strategist at Digital Maestro.

Cindy Bidar

Cindy Bidar is a highly sought after online business manager specializing in marketing automation. 

She's had the privilege of working with some of today’s top Internet marketers, and along the way, she's gained a valuable education. She helps her clients scale their business by creating automated systems that improve conversion rates, increase sales, and add more profit to the bottom line.

My Topic: Finding My Tribe: Transitioning From Virtual Assistant to Trainer & Coach

What happens when a successful service provider with dream clients and a six-figure income quits it all to change direction? I'll tell the story of how I made the move from behind-the-scenes implementation specialist to consultant and coach by finally giving myself permission to share what I'm truly passionate about.

Michele Scism

Michele Scism is a decisive, driven and committed entrepreneur who helps successful business owners create passive income streams so they can start enjoying the benefits of entrepreneurship. Michele’s business expertise has been highlighted during her speech at Harvard and on NBC, CBS, Fox, and She is a Stevie Award winning business consultant, best-selling author and the Founder of Decisive Minds. She is a serial entrepreneur who knows how it feels to fail miserably at business, at one time the bank called demanding their $1.5 million, and knows how it feels to sign the contract to sell her company for $9 million.

Jena Rodriguez

Jena Rodriguez, a Brand Strategist, Business Coach and founder of Brave Masters is committed to boosting brand clarity, catapulting profits and unleashing the potential of entrepreneurs internationally. She takes you from so-so to WOW in your business!  

She teaches service based business owners how to capitalize on their “natural” abilities, & package and price their greatest strengths so that they can create a money-making, world-changing brand.  

Jena has helped clients surpass multiple 6-figures and 800% increases in their business while generating over $1.2 million in 4.5 years in her own.

My Topic: SPEAK UP OR SIT DOWN: Proven Strategies To Get Highly Visible & Get Clients Now!

Jena has gone #FromBankruptToBraveMaster in her entrepreneurial journey. From the lessons she's learned, she knows there are 3 Non-Negotiables in business & one of them is VISIBILITY. Join her to learn what the other two must-haves are and discover proven strategies for accelerating your visibility, leveraging your time and elevating your authority status. Jena will also show you what IS absolutely necessary to convert FANS to PAYING clients! So quit playing small, get your brave on, and make a bigger impact NOW!

Laura West

Laura West is President of the Center for Joyful Business and the creator of Creative Coaching Tools™.  

She is a Creative Business Coach, speaker and author who works with changemakers, transformational leaders, coaches, healers and experts through her private and group coaching, retreats, workshops and online products. 

As a creative catalyst she has helped 1000s of entrepreneurs develop signature programs, products and marketing so they stand out as a leader in their market AND make great money while creating positive ripples in the world.  

She is the author of the new Creative Business Planning system™, the popular Joyful Business Guide™ and the 30-Day Passion Project License program™ and dozens of information products, teleclasses and is a highly sought after speaker for conferences, telesummits and workshops. 

Lynn Terry

Lynn Terry has been in business and working online for 21 years. She's a Super Affiliate and Professional Blogger with a specialty in organic marketing and building a loyal, responsive niche audience.

My Topic: How To Get Your First 10,000 Followers on Instagram & Why You Should!

Find out why you must be on Instagram, no matter your niche or business model, and how to get your first 10,000 followers in just 10 minutes a day with Lynn's simple 10/10/10 strategy. If you think you're not interested in Instagram, or you're not sure how it could benefit YOUR business, you definitely want to see this session!

Therese Sparkins

Radical Living and Leadership coach, speaker and lover of people. Therese Sparkins has been speaking on, facilitating and LIVING the Radical Leadership Principles for the past ten years. Radical Leadership is a program designed for entrepreneurs and all leaders to radically lead from a place of personal power and unique Essence; creating a life that feels in flow and at ease while living on the edge of possibility. Since 2008 Therese has lived by the guideline that Love, Joy, Surprise and Delight are our NATURAL state of being. We have simply forgotten who we are.  

Her love for life and dedication to never having to ‘work hard’ have provided the kind of life that has left other’s saying, “I Want What You’re Having,” and she wants that juicy life for you!

My EP5 Session: What Do You Really Want?

How can we create what we want in our business if we don't know what that is? How can you attract the perfect client when you're not sure where you're headed yourself?

Natalie Marie Collins 

What if your business and life were energetically aligned? What would that look like? Emotionally. Visually. In perfect harmony.  

Clients will recognize who you are and how you can help them from a deeper, BIG YES level. Others will treat you the way you’ve always wanted to be treated. Your uniqueness shining through in everything you do and every word you say.  

Natalie Marie Collins brings a soul-centered twist to your business and brand by helping you discover your primary element, how to lean into your true potential so ideal clients naturally gravitate to you (even if you're just standing in line returning items at Home Depot), and then how you’re designed to express yourself to support your clients with ease, so you both can thrive.

My Topic: Are You In Your Element?

Just can't put your finger on why you don't love your branding? If you don't feel good about promoting what you don't love, and are having a hard time promoting your brand, it could be because you're not in your element. Discover how to fall in love with yourself and your brand through finding your element!

Jean Lanoue

Jean Lanoue teaches business owners, speakers, authors, coaches, and entrepreneurs the action steps for building a highly profitable sales process using online marketing strategies to sell simply.  

She is obsessed with sales funnels. As she believes, giving people what they want when they want it is the simplest and fastest way to grow a business. 

She is a best-selling author, a national public speaker and has been recognized as one of America’s Premier Experts in Digital Marketing and Social Media. She is a certified Guerrilla Marketing Master Trainer and serves on their advisory board. Plus, she is a Digital Marketer Certified Partner, ActiveCampaign, Google Partner, and holds multiple certifications in online sales funnels and Email, Social Media marketing and traffic plus many more. 

My Topic: Creating Your Irresistible Offers

Grow your list and your impact by attracting The Right People. Automating your marketing and sales process can make a huge difference in your bottom-line and your ability to provide better service. Using offer funnels to guide your prospect is an essential marketing step that gets huge results by having the right product for the right person at the right time. You’ll walk away with some simple techniques to grow your list and your impact by creating your perfect opt-in/freebie that your ideal client will find simply irresistible.

Maruxa Murphy

Maruxa “Muh-roo-shah” Murphy, mom of 3 young girls + 1 boy dog and the wife to a great guy is also a mission-driven entrepreneur, author and coach leading women entrepreneurs to creating businesses that feel powerfully alive while also making money.  

She has built and ran multiple 6 and 7 figure companies over the last 10 years by learning how to stand out from others in her marketplace and creating value for her customers in such a way that her customers can’t wait to share the products with others.  

Maruxa consults with businesses and solo entrepreneurs to truly craft businesses that not only speak the language of their customers but also make money AND create a company that they love running because of the time and money freedom her clients end up having. Get to know more about Maruxa’s latest venture through, a coffee brand that invites women to step into their power from the first cup of the day and onward!

My Topic: Building A Profitable and Loyal Audience

You probably have heard that growing your audience is the only way to grow your business, and it is! But what if the audience you grew turned out to be an audience of freebie seekers or people you don't actually LIKE to serve? In this session, Maruxa will be sharing how to grow an intentional audience you enjoy working with that spends money with you AND wants to buy from you again and again.

Candice L. Davis

Author Coach Candice L Davis has spent the last decade helping entrepreneurs, speakers, and coaches build their businesses by becoming authors. Candice has also worked as a ghostwriter and co-writer-for-hire, which gave her the opportunity to write more than a dozen books for her clients. She knows a great book idea when she sees it, and she knows how to help you find, develop, write, and market yours!  

Candice is the co-creator of Write Books That Sell Now, an online course for entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, and consultants, and of Authors Ignited, a membership group for authors who want to do and earn so much more with their books. She is an award-winning writer and received the honor of PEN Emerging Voices Fellow. Candice believes everyone has a story worth telling and knowledge worth sharing and that sharing your unique perspective in a book can help you earn more while you positively impact many more lives.

My Topic is: Short Books, Big Results: Attract Your Ideal Clients in 50 Pages or Less

Writing a book is an incredibly effective way to connect with more people to grow your business and earn more money. The good news is you DON'T have to crank out a 300-page masterpiece to write a business-building book. When you know what to include, a short book can attract your ideal clients just as well as a long one—and sometimes better! Boost your credibility, show off your expertise, and turn readers into ideal clients faster and easier with these easy short-book strategies.



Friday, August 10

9:30am: Coffee & Registration

10am: Therese Sparby: What Do You Really Want?

11:15am: Break

11:30am: Nicole Dean: Community Building with Affiliates

12:00pm: Natalie Marie Collins: Are You In Your Element?

12:30-2:30pm Lunch Break

2:30pm: Laura West

3:00pm Cindy BIdar: Finding My Tribe: Transitioning From Virtual Assistant to Trainer & Coach

3:30pm: Break

3:45pm: Jena Rodriguez: SPEAK UP OR SIT DOWN: Proven Strategies To Get Highly Visible & Get Clients Now!

4:45pm Break

5:00pm: Table Topics

5:50pm Daily Wrap Up

Saturday, August 11

9:30am: Coffee & Registration

10am: Michele Scism

11:15am: Break

11:30am: Paul Taubman

12:00pm: Jean Lanoue: Creating Your Irresistible Offers

12:30-2:30pm Lunch Break

2:30pm: Maruxa Murphy: Building A Profitable and Loyal Audience

3:30pm: Break

3:45pm: Lynn Terry: How To Get Your First 10,000 Followers on Instagram & Why You Should!

4:15pm: Candice L. Davis: Short Books, Big Results: Attract Your Ideal Clients in 50 Pages or Less

4:45pm Break

5:00pm Table Topics

5:50pm Daily Wrap Up

9:00pm Wig Party! 

Sunday, August 12

9:30am: Coffee 

10:00am: Kelly McCausey

11:15am: Break

11:30am: Carol Little: Unleash Your Inner Speaker!

12:30-2:30pm Lunch Break

2:30pm: Giveaways & Appreciation

3:00pm: Belanie Dishong: Where Do I Go From Here? What’s Gonna Be Different This Time?

4:00pm: Celebrations

**Hours are subject to change. Please check back for updates.

Hey Kelly, What Are Topic Tables?

All of my Speakers have agreed to sit at a table with a small group of attendees to talk about an area of their expertise. 

You get to ask real questions that apply to your business and brainstorm answers to anything standing in your way.

Do You Know Kelly?

Hey :) If we haven't met yet, let me tell you a little about me. 

I started building my business online back in 2002. I was a broke single mom, in debt up to my eyeballs, freaking out about the bills I couldn't pay. 

Going online looking to make a little extra ended up changing my life. Just a few years later I paid off all my debt and quit my day job - much to the shock of friends and family. 

My greatest discovery back then was the power of creating useful content that meets the needs of a community. I wrote articles, started a podcast, opened up a mailing list and started responding to every need I could find in my target market. 

Creative solutions and inspiring stories drew people to me faster than I dreamed possible. Before long I was running a membership site, selling information products and coaching. 

Since then I've seen it over and over in my business and those of my clients. Creative content both attracts and serves our perfect target market. When we're smart and purposeful in all of the content we create, community grows around us and so does profit!

This is the heart and purpose behind Exposure & Profit. I bring in Speakers who will equip and inspire you to create content you're proud of for a community you love! 


A great live event is just as much about being social & taking a break as it is about learning and hustling!

We 'Party' on Saturday Night with a fun theme to play with. In 2016 our theme was 'Mustaches & Tiaras', in 2017 it was Pearls & Gangster Hats. 

The Saturday Night Party Theme for 2018: It's going to be a Wig Party! Bring your fave fun wig :)

Frequently Asked Questions

When & Where Is The Event?

August 10, 11 & 12th, 2018 at the Atlanta Airport Marriot in Atlanta, Georgia

What Is The Event Venue Like?

The Atlanta Airport Marriot is a NICE place! We've got a beautiful room to meet in where you'll be seated at tables with space for your laptop. 

It's super close to the airport with a free shuttle running all day long. There are several dining options right at the hotel so you don't have to worry about buzzing around the city if you don't care for it.

We've got a room block set aside for our guests. You can book your room through this link. Special Note: I have a gift bag for everyone who stays at the hotel so claim your goodies at registration!

I Hear There's A Special Pre-Event On Thursday?

Yep! Belanie Dishong of Live At Choice is presenting one of her favorite one day trainings on Thursday, August 10th! EP Attendees are invited to purchase tickets for a special price of $97. The event will run from 9am to 3pm. Registration details are coming soon!

What Is Appropriate Dress For The Event?

Be casual and comfortable. Jeans and t-shirts are absolutely okeydokey. I suggest you bring a sweater or wrap - conference space can get chilly!

Can I Sponsor Exposure & Profit?

You bet you can! I don't have traditional sponsorship opportunities. I don't 'sell my stage' in any way. I do however LOVE to introduce my community to quality services and products, so reach out to me if you'd like to sponsor our daily beverages or provide fun SWAG :) 

Is Exposure & Profit Right For Me?

If you are publishing content on the web in hopes of attracting the perfect target market, I'm going to say YES IT IS! EP is all about content marketing and community building. Business owners from all different niches will get a ton out of our topics.

Can I Volunteer To Speak At Exposure & Profit?

My line up is set for 2018. Keep an eye out for 2019 dates and for sure, submit a proposal for a topic you love to speak on.

Is It True You're Going To Shave Your Head During The Event?

LOL! I sure hope so! I'm raising money for St. Baldricks to support Childhood Cancer Treatment Research. Do you know many children who survive childhood cancer aren't able to have children of their own later in life? It's sadly true. Treatment that saves their life often renders them sterile. This breaks my heart and drives my desire to fund important research working to reduce treatment side effects. 

I'm challenging my community to give $5000 before and during EP5. If we hit the goal, I will absolutely and completely shave my head. I'm creating some fun and valuable incentives for those who give, so keep an eye out!

Oops, I Bought A Ticket And Can't Come, Can I Get A Refund?

Tickets are not refundable, however, you can roll it over to next year's EP event OR transfer it to a friend. Just visit our support desk in your Love People + Make Money account to give us their information. 

Kelly, You Seem Super Cool - Do You Coach?

Why thank you and YES! I love Coaching entreprenuers who are on fire to make things happen. You can learn more about my private coaching right here.

You Have Another Event, At The Beach, Right?

Oooh, you're thinking about Beachpreneurs, the female only event brand I run with the most awesome Nicole Dean :) We have Beach House Mastermind Retreats, Beach Camp Workshops and Beach Cruises too!